Stud agreement

Stud agreement

This stud agreement is broadly written to cover most scenarios.  It is suitable for stallion owners and studs where the mare is attending your premises.  It is written to be very simple to adapt by way of ticking boxes.  For example “is the service transferable” you can complete this by a simple yes or no tick box.

The agreement considers aspects of:

  • Types of service (e.g. live, fresh, chilled or frozen)
  • The service fee (and any booking fee) and for how many doses this is
  • Any guarantee
  • The number of permitted pregnancies
  • Whether the service is transferable

Payment for this agreement is for one download that you can save and reuse as many times as you need. There is no set timeframe in which you have to download this agreement.

If you obtain this agreement and feel that you want it adapted to more specifically focus on your stud, for a minimal fee we can makes these changes for you including adding your stud details and logo and making changes to some clauses.