Agistment agreement

Agistment agreement

We have options of this agreement for use in each state or territory within Australia. Simply drafted for your ease of use, whilst covering all the pertinent terms that you would expect in this type of agreement such as agreements relating to money and payments, care and risk of the equine, remedies of default and indemnities.

The fee includes the template agreement for your use only on as many occasions as you would like. It also includes an information guide to show you how to simply and accurately complete the agreement.  An agreement is only fully operation if fully completed so please follow the guide carefully and completely.

If you have any special terms that you would like added, we can certainly do this for an additional nominal fee.  Feel free to send us your request and we can let you know what the additional fee would be.

Please note that on purchasing a copy of this template contract does not constitute legal advice nor does it make you a client of Equilegal or form any client/solicitor relationship, although we would also be happy to discuss any further needs with you.

If you would like any advice or even a similar template specially drafted specially for you, then please do not hesitate to contract us.

If you would like to offer a suggestion on what may be a great addition to our template, we would love to hear from you, and if we put your suggestion into practice, we will provide you with a new template with your addition added.

Please note that copyright is owned by Equilegal and that you are paying for your own use and this template may not be shared and/or used by others.

All requests can be emailed to